Friday, 19 April 2013

Women and Football - The uncanny combination.

                                         *PUN INTENDED*

Before I continue writing any further I want to clarify that I’m writing this piece for women who don’t enjoy this sport, there are exceptions of course! Believe me when I say this – some women actually know what “Offside” means!

These are few reasons why majority women dislike football. So here I go,

No drama:

What’s the point in kicking a ball into a net? Better watch a daily soap with all the predictable suspense and unnecessary emotions – that’s what an anti- football woman would think! They will definitely enjoy on-field fights and fouls, especially if it involves Busquets or Suarez – if you know what I mean!

Too many doubts:

You generally learn a new sport just by watching it regularly – that’s something women wouldn’t do. What is offside? Why isn't Brazil playing the Euro Cup? Why extra 3 minutes after the 90? Why did the game stop? Why is he showing him a red card? Is it valentine’s day? Apart from the last question, all others are definitely true! And you have to answer them then and there or change the channel!

Scoring a goal is way too easy:

You must have heard this before, “Your team won by 5 goals? Only 5? In the entire 90 minutes! Looks like it isn’t that great team after all.” They think scoring a goal is like hitting a six in a cricket match.


Ah well, this is an old one. How many times did you have to tell your sister/girlfriend/wife/female friend that the guy running around apart from the players is not the umpire but for-god’s-sake's – a referee! Ladies, there is no third umpire in football too.

Just a game:

Lose a match in the stoppage time and hell breaks out for us. Not for women, they’ll probably tell you it’s just a game, why the fuss after losing a game. But they’ll be emotional when the lead character of their favorite daily soap is going through on-screen trouble. Or there is a new Mihir!

Impatience in understanding:

Ever tried explaining the offside rule to a woman? If yes, I understand what you must have gone through. I can feel your pain. If no, avoid the question – I warn you. Coz anyway if they don’t understand it in the first instance, they declare that football is a complicated sport they will never understand.

“I’m not into sports”

That’s the answer I got when I made a survey with 5 samples i.e. females when I asked them why you don’t like football. The corresponding answers to why you are not into sports were not the most impressive:

“I need company to watch it or I’ll get bored”

“How do you know the timings of the matches?”

”I only watch sports that I used to play. I played stop and party, pakda-pakdi etc”

“Sports will clash with my all-important serials, I can’t afford that”

"I don't really get football"  

To all the women who love football, watch it without complaining and know what offside means, we salute you! 

This is just my personal opinion for a few people I know. Not every reader can relate with this in totality but I'm sure at least in bits and pieces!

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