Tuesday, 3 June 2014

10 Things Only A CA Student Will Understand

1. Which topic should I start studying with? 

Sometimes it feels like I spend more time deciding what to study and from which book to study than the actual study time!


2. Being asked from which college you are pursuing CA. 

Will you guys just stop that already. There are no colleges, no quotas, no management seats and no attendance!

3. How was my paper? I don't know. Will I pass? I don't know. 

Scoring well in the papers that were awful and scoring pitifully in the ones you expected an exemption in; sounds familiar?

4. "Engineering is more difficult than CA" - Yeah right.

If engineering is more difficult than CA then Angelina Jolie is also my girlfriend.

5. The burdensome moment of bringing the modules from the institute. 

6. What section was that?? I knew it.. Oh well, darn it.

A dozen Acts, hundreds of sections and thousands of pages to be read and that the one you skipped is the one that popped up in the question paper!

7. And after all there is nothing wrong with boasting off knowing a section. 

Hell yeahhhh!!

8. We don't like being asked the no. of attempts unless it was the first.

Ahemm ahemm.

9. Outstation audit? By a flight? Woohooo.

An article's fantasy. 

10. In your non-CA circle, anything related to finance and everybody looks at you for an answer.

Come on, reasonable time has passed since the exam, I need a revision to answer that question ehh.


  1. Haha..now that tickles the funny bone..crisp and perfect as usual Prasanna

  2. Superb Funny and most importantly true........... this time nailed it

  3. hehe... sumthng still applies after becoming CA... eg last point... :P

  4. Hahaha... So true! Particularly like the last GIF!

  5. Agreed especially no. 3 and no.8

  6. Soooo truee!! Each one of them!! :) :)

  7. That last one baap! Awesome one!

  8. It definitely made me smile and laugh! It strikes a chord with all of us Prasanna! :D :)