Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Just 6 Reasons Altogether Why, Why We Joined Professional Academy!

1. To get personal attention from the Professors

2. To study on recliners!

Where are the recliners?? :'(
3. Because studying in a normal classroom in a small batch of students is too mainstream! :D 

4. Balcony view didn't cost more than the normal fees :P

5. When we thought CA, we thought Professional Academy ;)

6. Because no matter how much we write, there is always a "however", "further", "alternatively" and "In other words"!

P.S - Jokes apart, studying within the presence of such a massive population and fantastic professors is an altogether different experience but not something I regret. The lectures are unexpectedly interactive and every faculty member is good enough to solve each and every person's doubt- during the lecture or afterwards! These are days we will be craving to re-live again. Think CA, think PA ;)


  1. lol.. i know why u wrote the P.S :P

  2. lol.... frankly, if it wasnt for prasad sir, my entire fees would be a donation to PA. atleast i attended accounts...

  3. Haha that must be true for many people :D

  4. So as to avoid route of "May to May via November" to the destination.