Monday, 28 July 2014

Whyyy Soo Curiouss?

An RCUPG initiative: What makes you curious?

Curiosity is the mother of all inventions - I don't think I got that phrase right but it fits well somehow! If it wasn't for "how..?", "Why..?", "What..?" there would've been no inventions. Everybody has their own chunk of interests drawing their curiosity. Me? ahh well, there are so many things that I ponder about and have got no reliable explanations for the same.

How on earth did the initial inhabitants start talking? Who invented words? How did that "hu hu aa aa" escalate into words? We can create our own language today but only by using a language that already exists and we already know very well! You would imagine the scientists have probably got this figured out. But because of lack of any direct evidence to the origins of the first language ever spoken, the scholars have dubbed this topic "unsuitable" for serious study and therefore there exists no consensus for the same!        

The "How-Why-What" is really a source for interesting facts. Why a certain place is called by that name or a certain recipe being named after the Chef who prepared it or the story behind rock band names! The band Marilyn Manson was named after the beautiful “Marilyn Monroe” and America’s chilling murderer musician “Charles Manson”.

Turning to some lighter curiosities; who cleans up after Spiderman's webby mess all over the city? How does Bane eat? Seriously how does he eat!? Can we really dream within a dream? Or are we already doing that and just don’t know about it? If time travel was possible, there would really be no end of time right? Who is the whistler in the Samsung notification tone? Does he get any royalty for that one whistle? Doesn't Ekta Kapoor know her serials suck?!

Champagne is produced worldwide, including India. The surprising thing here is that there is no drink called "Champagne" produced outside of Champagne, a wine region in France. So even if there is production of sparkling wine inside France and yet outside Champagne, you can't call it "Champagne"! I got all this only from "Why is Indian Champagne so much cheaper than imported one?" – Because there is nothing called “Indian Champagne”!

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Is that just a phrase or is it scientifically possible? Google as much as you want, all you will get is references to Joker's dialogue in Dark Knight and some really kickass creative answers. This one really intrigued me; Read carefully

"Since such objects could not exist and only exist in this hypothetical situation because of their absolute yet contradictory statuses any answer must be formed around sustaining those absolute statuses. If an unstoppable force were to meet an immovable object either time will slow down as the force approaches so the two will never meet, space will expand so the two will never meet, or once they meet the unstoppable force causes the universe to split in two identical universes... one with the unstoppable force and one with the immovable object.
That's the best I've got! I'm exhausted... too much of hypthetical thinking."

And so am I! 

So share with me, what makes you curious?

- Rtr Prasanna Mainkar,
  Club Editor,
  RC Dahisar Coast.

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