Thursday, 31 July 2014

Chocolate Sandwich

Have a bite no!!’ – said Sanyukta emphatically to Samarth, as the sandwich vendor continued to stare at her.

‘Aye kya dekhta hai be.. chup chaap sandwich bana.’ – said a not so amused Samarth as he opened his mouth to dig into the sandwich from her hand. No matter what mood Samarth was in, he couldn’t resist his all time favorite cheese and chocolate sandwich. He had discovered this delicacy at a road side stall called Mamaji’s. When he was about to try the sandwich for the first time, he was a little hesitant, the words chocolate and cheese didn’t mix too well in his head. But as soon as he had a bite, he had a foodgasm and instantly Samarth knew he had to share that experience with the love of his life, Sanyukta.

It had almost been two years since they were together! Samarth’s heart had never desired something as much as it desired Sanyukta as soon as he saw her. He had always been a shy person and mustering the courage to express his feelings to her took a lot of time but when it happened, there was nothing that could stop them. Sanyukta didn’t realize the storm of feelings that Samarth had for her upfront. She got hints at times, but she didn’t want to be one of those that misunderstand the other’s feelings. With time, she got the clarity she needed, and her joy knew no bounds.

They were an incredibly "made-for-each-other" kind of a couple, the compatibility they had was fascinating.  Samarth loved every little thing about Sanyukta. Even though a considerable amount of time had passed since they were in a relationship, there were times when he would look at her and he would not be able to believe the fact that he was in a relationship with Sanyukta! She was so so gorgeous! He would naturally come up with new words to describe her amazing aura, like, Cutieful! He loved playing T.T with her and most of all he loved to make her laugh!  What attracted Sanyukta to Samarth was his amazing sense of humor. He wasn’t the forward sending kind, but he was a natural at coming up with witty statements spontaneously out of nowhere! Sanyukta found this quality really endearing. She loved how he made her feel even when they would just be around each other doing absolutely nothing. Such things would keep reminding her how true and pure their bond was.

Love is an incurable disease they say, but if it is so, Sanyukta and Samarth were glad that they were infected. They had come to that sandwich stall after quite some months and Sanyukta loved every bite of it. But the last bite that she had, felt a little salty, which was just strange.

Samarth loved her with all his heart and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Though his wish was fulfilled, he didn’t know his life wouldn’t last too long. That night, Samarth was returning home after an excruciatingly long day at work. He was listening to his favourite playlist when he sud denly felt a piercing pain in his ears, a speeding SUV had rammed into his cab, the cab hit an electric pole and the impact was such that Samarth passed away- on the spot.

Sanyukta got a call from Samarth’s mobile; a passerby broke out the news to her. She couldn’t believe her ears! She thought this was one of Samarth’s pranks and she wanted to beat the hell out of him for scaring her like this. Sanyukta wished she could meet him to hit him, she wished he could feel that pain.
She rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. She somehow mustered the courage to see his body, she felt an immense pain in her heart as she saw his face. Her heart couldn't believe the fact that he was no more. The love that Sanyukta’s heart contained for him was so strong that her brain couldn’t help but agree with her heart.

The sandwich vendor stared at Sanyukta, he saw her holding the sandwich up in the air and mouthing the words, ‘Have a bite no!!’.

If Schizophrenia is a disease, Sanyukta was glad she was infected. 

Credits - Sir Sagar Vilas Kulkarni

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