Tuesday, 26 August 2014

12 Things Today's Kids Will Never Know

1. What a Floppy Disc is/does.

2. Collecting tazos, jenga cards, basically everything that came free with cheetos!

He is serious about paying 1.5k if you still got Tazos and Jenga Cards :D
Yes, I wish I hadn't thrown away mine!
3. Playing with marbles! No not the online game!

4. Spinning the top. And that, my friends, would also include Beyblades. Let it rip!

Shuru ho jaye :P Kai was my favorite though :|

5. Raining outside? Stay home, call your friends over. WWE, cricket trump cards.
Ever wondered why Brock Lesner was always at the top?!

6. Board games; business, ludo, snakes & ladders etc

I sort of don't remember how this was played :|

7. Outdoor games! That would include, pakda-pakdi, langdi and lots of made up games too!

Chor Police

Lagori :P

8. Video game - no not playstation or xbox!


9. Being the only kid with a computer in the locality!

That was pretty much a passing phase :D

10. The first mobile phone in your family- that moment!

Nokia 1110 - first cell in my house!
11. When cartoons made sense.

They fazed out, didn't they? :(


12. Rushing home after playing cricket on a Saturday afternoon at 12 PM to not miss this. Ever!
I can't forget dressing up like him for a fancy dress competition!

I'm sure I've left out many things from our childhood that are sort of extinct now. Do you have any in mind?


  1. This is awesome :) Contraa.. that was my favourite video game :D
    You missed Hotwheels and G.I.Joe :p

  2. shaktiman ko bhul gaya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Haha. yeah GIjoes! I was never a hotwheels kid though :P

    How can I forget Shaktimaan! :D

  4. In those days i was indeed a GI Joe Kid. Collected tge Whole damm collection during those days. Taking about video games.... I felt just the same way u mentioned in having first computer in colony. As i had the most number of cartridges amongst all. Still have this collection :D :P