Saturday, 27 September 2014

My First Dosa

An RC UPG inititative

This write up seemed easy to write about until I got down to actually write about it. I simply can’t recall when the last time I did something for the first time was! I’m simply going to blab about the first damn dosa I had tried to cook! A plain sada dosa. How hard could that be right? 

After a long day at college followed by office, I usually come back home with hopes of being cooked and served something delicious. The key words here are “cooked and “served”. I came home only to witness the absence of meri maa who was out running some errands whilst her big kid was hungry and tired. I was more hungry than tired so I gave in to the sounds of my stomach and ignored those in my head who kept screaming “Wait for mom, you’re not meant to cook. You, as in just you, not men in general, but only you”
The dosa batter was ready anyway. All I had to do was make a dosa out of it. Being a keen observer of things, I had seen the spreading of dosa batter on the pan plenty of times; notably roadside annas! Just like my observation, I pick out a small steel bowl to, you know, pour the batter on the pan and spread it using the bottom of the bowl.  So I do it. I didn’t manage to make the best shaped or circled dosa. It certainly looked edible. 

I wait out a few minutes doing nothing- because I don’t want to risk my first dosa getting burnt. I go to the kitchen to see if my masterpiece was ready. I fast forward and conclude that I plated a large south Indian laddoo. This is why:
  1.  I forgot to pour oil so the entire dosa was stuck to the pan.
  2. The layer was fat so when I scooped the dosa, I couldn’t. It ended up being rolled into one big half cooked laddoo.
My entire family came home soon. Some timing huh? 

I did eat what I cooked though. I just had to! To this day, when cooking and I are talked about- I’m not spared. 

P.S – I have learnt from my blunder!

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  1. an general cooking blunder we all atleast go thru once in life.. simply and amazingly put up prasanna