Saturday, 27 September 2014

8 Football Fans You Know!

1. The Complete Fanatic.

They are really really loyal to their favorite team. Their team's win is a mood maker for them. They'll pray during a penalty shootout, wear their lucky jersey (which is latest!), watch important matches at their lucky places,  put up statuses pre and post the games and they'll argue with the strangest stranger if he raises a finger on his team. 

 2. The Know it all.

The man is updated about football around the world. Be it a 3rd Division team player's transfer or a Turkish youth player's goal. When he is talking, you're wondering how does he know all of that. He even knows the playing XI of the Indian Football team.

3. The Sore loser.

Everybody makes fun of a sore loser. They are ones who just can't take it! Simply cannot fathom their team losing. They are embarrassed. They blame the opposite team, the referee, their luck, the home advantage and they will go missing to avoid facing anybody who know their team lost.

4. The "Football" fan.

There is this one guy in every football circle who doesn't care who wins or loses! He will applaud the winning team and the losing team for the positives and even point out the negatives elegantly. He doesn't care for the Galacticos or the Catalans, all he is looking for is an exciting El Classico!

5. The Glory Hunter

Who doesn't hate a glory hunter? They are gold-diggers of the sporting world. They chase the trophy where it goes. It is United one season and the next it is City. It is Italy, then it is Spain. If it is Brazil till the semi finals, then there is pure denial. 

6. The Pretender.

"Whaat? The l in Villa is silent!? Courtois is not pronounced like tortoise?!"
This is a guy who doesn't like football, doesn't understand the intricate rules, the league system or even why there is no Argentina in the Euro but he tries hard to gel in. He pretends. He doesn't like being the left out guy. The only Ronaldo he knows is Cristiano! He tries to pronounce the names correctly too! He is generally confused.

7. The Cricket fan.

"Can we watch KKR vs ... ummm.. nevermind.."
This is India specific. These are hardcore cricket fans who end up being attacked after asking IPL questions on a Champions League Finale night. They compare sixes to goals and wicket-keepers to goalkeepers. They have to watch football because they are in conundrum! Their favorite No.7 is Dhoni!

8. The Analyst. 

He is like the off-site manager of his favorite side. He will talk about what the on-site manager should've done tonight. The starting XI for the game, the right substitutions at the right time, the formation, whether it was a red or just a yellow- he is like a Shebby Singh! (Where is that guy anyway?) 

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