Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Today's outlook towards independence day.

Let’s bring back the old spirit!

Back in the day:

I sure can’t describe the rush our people felt back in the day when we attained independence in 47! What I can definitely tell you is that the day’s importance has faded away slowly and gradually. 

Real-time experience:     

These are not my words; I’m just putting together what my Grandmother shared with me.
"In 1947, there were no TVs, hardly a radio in an entire village; newspapers were the only reliable source medium of knowing about the happenings of our freedom struggle. In my childhood, I’ve seen Gandhiji, lal Bahadur Shastri and even Indira Gandhi when she was small. There were long parades for celebrating the independence and we women would finish our household chores quickly to watch the crowded processions! Every year on 15th August, we would go to watch the parades and the decorative lightings on big buildings. Watching electrical lights was a sight for us. There was struggle everywhere, but the independence swung things our way."
That’s the difference today; we fail to feel the struggle we faced in the pre-independence period. It’s boring to read about the struggle in a history textbook. Talk to your grandparents; they can share better than any history teacher and with a lot more feeling. My grandmother couldn’t help but smile throughout with enthusiasm while talking about our independence! 


In the 1980s, the national anthem was played after the closing credits of the movie. This practice was changed because many citizens would simply sprint out after the movie was over; respecting the anthem was too much of an exercise after a three-hour sitting spree.

The anthem is a symbolic gesture to remind us of our bond with our motherland; just a couple of minutes out of our busy lives to find the emotional connect with our brothers and sisters. 

The Independence Day is treated by most of us as nothing but a holiday and not for what it is intended for; recalling the struggle our freedom fighters went through and celebrating the nation’s freedom that they left for us! 

It’s not independence when we’re still ruled by corrupt bureaucrats.

It’s not independence when a woman can’t walk on a street alone without feeling insecure.

It’s not independence when we unite against the foreigners but divide and resort to communism here.

It’s not independence when the largest democracy in the world is unheard by its own Government.

It’s not Independence when our protectors are the ones we are scared of.    

Take a pledge today:

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi, Father of our nation – who was fasting and negotiating with communal leaders on the day of Independence after a Hindu-Muslim flare up in West Bengal.
Before celebrating yours, protect her freedom too! 


Stop corruption, don’t offer it! 


Facts you ought to know about the struggle:

  • Even at the age of 61, Gandhiji led the 241 kilometer march to Dandi and proceeded to make salt in defiance of the law by non-violent means
  • Bhagat Singh underwent a 116 days fast in jail demanding equal rights for Indian and British prisoners. He was aged just 23 when he was hanged to death.
  • Apart from our Indian heroes, Dr. Annie Besant, a Britisher supported India’s freedom struggle wholeheartedly and founded the Home Rule League in India 
  • India-Pakistan partition created inter-communal violence which cost more than One million lives! About 3.5 million Hindus and Sikhs migrated from Pakistan to India and 5 million Muslims from India to Pakistan.   
  • After independence, the Portugese amended their constitution and declared Goa as their state. The Indian troops invaded Goa and claimed it back not until the December of 1961. 

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  1. This simply strikes a cord.. Wonderful work prasanna

  2. I second you on everything that you have written Prasanna. We as a society have not gained independence from the evils which dont lets us develop.
    Nicely written.