Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Hopefully Rainy Father's Day!

Well, its Father’s Day so I’m making this short write up for the Best Dad in the World- Didn’t I just consider everybody’s Dad?

My definition of a Father:

As a baby, well obviously I don’t remember. But if I did, it would’ve been the memory of a guy with a beard who would throw me up in the air, catch me again and still I’d never be scared!

As a kid, he was my first favorite superhero, someone I would want to take leave from work and play with me- I would go to the extent of blocking the door with a chair and hold fort all by myself!

As a teenager, he was a person who stood by me always although in the background when friends, school, college, sports etc came into the bigger picture!

Well that’s it I’m still a teenager! 

He might be your Daddy, Baba, Pappa, Bapu, Appa, Pops etc but still he's your buddy, the first sports teacher for a guy and the first guy in any girl's life!
Significance of this day:

Plain and simple, it’s the day when you gift your dad something, take his blessings, a return monetary gift and perhaps a dinner with the family!

In depth and still not complicated, it’s the day you get a chance to thank your Father for anything and everything, for being the strong pillar in your life, guiding you through hurdles and doing the best thing he does- always watching out for you.

In reality:

It was school time when we would make greetings with drawings of animals that would look Extra-terrestrial for the occasion! Well now, we seldom forget its Father’s Day, we don’t celebrate coz of lack of time, we hardly show him gratitude and with so many commitments in our routine life we don’t share, talk or spend time with our Dads.

Change things this Father’s Day!

Luckily it being a Sunday this time there’s a lot that you can do. Firstly, eliminate all non-family plans. Take his blessings, wish him, thank him! Secondly, be simple in your celebrations. It’s all about expressing your affection, not showing it off! Do an activity that will involve interaction so avoid movies, go for brunch, a sport perhaps- I chose swimming, or just talk and share with him, make him feel special with something different, it’s his day! He has fulfilled all our expectations. It’s our turn to do things he won’t expect us to do and put a big fat smile on that face! 

Don't forget, you're getting busier and he's not getting any younger- so cherish every moment with him!

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