Friday, 6 June 2014

10 Things We All Do During Exams

1. First things first, call up friends and get the portion.

2. Study the whole syllabus just before the exam? Challenge accepted!

3. Think very deeply about how we wasted the entire year not studying

4. Study planning: Study for an hour, power nap for two hours!

5. Mom -_- "If you don't get good marks, I will.. "

6. Bribe God. Our favorite spots - Mahalaxmi and Siddhivinayak!

7. Night duty riding on coffee/caffeine.

8. "Tera kitna hua padhke?.. Main tere aage hu" 

9. Where are the things I haven't used all year? Writing pad? Eraser? Pen? Pencil? etc

10. Before the last paper- "Guys, where are we going after exam?"