Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lust - It doesn't last!

As a matter of fact, I am currently reading Dan Brown’s Inferno. Inferno (Hell) is the first part of an epic “The Divine Comedy” written by Dante, who in his lifetime of suffering has probably scripted one of the best pieces of literature in the history of mankind. He has described what hell is, heaven and purgatory to his apparent meeting with Satan after going past the seven gates for the seven sins –  wrathgreedslothpridelustenvy, and gluttony. The inferno was responsible for the uproar of the Church as it struck fear in the hearts of those who read about it and their realizations of their sins drove them to confessions and prayers.

According to the Inferno, there are nine circles in Hell. In the second circle are those who succumbed to their carnal desires as a result of “lust”. They are those who couldn’t reason with their inner desires. It is the most-least terrible sin but it is punished first above all. The feeling can make the most arrogant man kneel before it.

Helen, wife of Menalaus (King of Sparta) was said to be the cause of the Trojan War: acclaimed as the most beautiful mortal woman, she was abducted by Paris and brought to Troy as his mistress. The "great Achilles" was the most formidable Greek warrior in the war against the Trojans. He was killed by Paris, after being tricked into entering the temple of Apollo to meet the Trojan princess Polyxena. This is what lust could do, does and will continue to do.

Sherlock, yes the latest BBC series gives me a modern take on lust. Wherein Holmes suggests how he has detached himself from all kinds of mortal emotions which aids him focus on his core activity without any distractions. Lust has seen the fall of many greats from such heights that they couldn’t get back up there.

Unlike the ancient times, no more do wars take place for emotions like pride and love. People are bamboozled if they have fallen in love or the pit of lust. What is the difference really? Love and lust. One is about understanding, the other wrecks understanding. One brings two people together for eternity, the other just for fulfilling their thirst. One speaks from the heart out, the other from the teeth out. One is about the beauty on the inside, the other is about the flesh on the outside.

Lust is the reason why Delhi is the rape town of our nation; others soon joining the capital. It is the very reason why women don’t feel safe anymore. It is very reason why the species of men are losing their trust worthiness day by day. Only one good has lust done, it has paved way for businesses for pepper sprays and stun guns! They are indeed blossoming with the women’s day just passing by!

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