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Bayern Munich’s chance at winning the Champions League.

Note: This article was written before the second leg game with Juventus, way before I started this blog. Yet I've put it up coz it holds truth and validity even today!

Winning Form
Apart from the tricky win over Arsenal in Champions League, the Germans have been convincing in almost all their other wins this season. They started off the title race with a nine-match winning streak. According to Wikipedia, their winning percentage this season is over 83% in all competitions, which is absolutely amazing. Their recent comprehensive win over Juventus says it all!
Outgoing coach – Jupp Heycknes
The veteran coach may or may not retire from football coaching at the end of this season. However it is definite that he is leaving Allianz Arena and making way for the ex-Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola. This being his third stint as the Bavarians’ coach, the Bundesliga title was his first trophy in this three years after finishing runners-up twice. What better farewell gift than The Champions League Trophy itself for the 67-year old manager?
They have the firepower to do so
Not only are they well-equipped with world class performers, but they also possess the right combination of them. They have a solid backline with Dante and Boateng at the centre and both wing backs, Lahm and Alaba fairly regular going forward.
No words to describe the double pivot of Schweinsteiger, Martinez/Kroos and brilliance of Ribery. Let’s not forget that Robben can be lethal with his solo runs as well! Up forward, Mueller and Mandzukic have scored 1/3rd of Bayern’s total goals this season!
They have an equally strong bench with Shaquiri, Gustavo, Pizarro and the earlier preferred Mario Gomez, who have been fighting for a spot in the regular starting XI.
Disappointed Fans
Retaining the Bundesliga title has relieved fans’ disappointment this season but two UEFA Final defeats in the last three years still sting. Firstly, to Mourinho’s Inter Milan and then last year an undeserving and frustrating defeat to Chelsea in penalities at in Bayern’s own backyard!
Main focus
Losing out on the Bundesliga title to Dortmund for two seasons consecutively, this time they’ve won it. With that out of the picture, the German giants can focus their whole and soul on going after the Holy Grail of Club football they have craved for
Easier said than done
Although the Germans have been in terrific form this season, they have shown complacency in the 2nd leg against Arsenal. They let their guards down and almost saw their exit in he tournament. They have an extremely powerful squad and so do the Spanish giants – Real Madrid and Barcelona and their German counterparts – Borussia Dortmund

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