Thursday, 23 May 2013

Parle Premier League: Team Review prior to Play-Offs!

Let’s do a quick SWOT analysis of the teams who have qualified for the play-offs!

Parle Messiahs:


Anand Bandal , Kaustubh Patkar , Sachin Gore , Chinmay Dichwalkar and Prathmesh Patkar.

Messiahs finished 7th and 8th in PPL season I and II respectively. Riding on their past reputation, they were dubbed as the underdogs for this edition. However, they’ve managed to surprise everyone with their vastly improved game-play. Winning the first four games consecutively, they were the first team to qualify for the play-offs. However, complacency has given away the last three games for them.


Smooth passing, calm defenders and one of the best co-ordinated teams. Their young talent Shantanu Mangar too is in contention of the best u-16 player.


Although they excel in their co-ordination and free movement, they create many chances but fail to capitalize on them due to lack of quality finishing they would expect from their strikers.They lack depth in their squad.
Key player: Adolf Dias:

He defends, he assists, he scores - he’s the complete package.

Top scorer: Adolf Dias (2)

Parle Dazzlers:

Ashok Panchal

An entirely new team with new faces, they created their reputation with a 3-0 victory on Day 1 and are favorites to win the coveted PPL Season III trophy. They’ve dominated all their games. Even the Messiahs. So far they've been unbeaten in the League. Can they be the invincibles this time?


Keeping the ball possession for most of the time, good physical play. They keep the opposing goalkeeper on his toes with players who can shoot from distance. Too much of talent in their squad!


Because of their physical style of play they are prone to committing fouls. It won’t matter as long as they don’t concede penalties.

Key player:

Difficult to name one. Kamlesh, Patrick, Prince and Nickel are the key players of all the key players in their team. All match winners! They can dribble, shoot, tackle etc whatever you like.

Top scorer: Nickel D'Souza (6)

Parle Ash-kickers:

Amogh Gore & Amey Hardikar

This team after the first two games was at the bottom of the table and after the final league game they've seen themselves climb up to the 2nd spot! For the thired consecutive season, a team managed by Amey Hardikar has reached the play-offs. Quite commendable!


Strong determination to score. Even at 3-0, Ash-kickers do not rest. Delicate long-ball passing, good rotation of all players in the squad and they combine well in their creative game-play.


The Ask-kickers lack agility at the back. Even in the attacks, it's only Kunal Kerkar who has the pace.

Key player: Shrineel Belgaonkar

Although Kunal has been the man to rely on for the Ash-kickers, it's Shrineel who has provided them with breakthroughs and scored brilliantly from tight angles and even with his head.

Top scorer: Shrineel Belgaonkar (5)
Parle Diaons:


Cleavon Pinto & Rigved Sawant

Parle Diaons have reached the finals of both the earlier editions of PPL. Can they make it this time? Difficult to answer. They barely made the 4th spot in the final minute of the final league game and haven't looked convincing in their victories either.


All the players are committed to their game. The last-minute goal highlights their never give up spirit. Attack or defense? Well, attack is their only strength which they will ride on to reach the finals.


Lack of goals and players who can score! They create plenty of chances and miss the plenty of opportunities they create to put the ball in the back of the net.

Key player: Dashyang Kachru

Undoubtedly the best player from the Diaons' battalion this time, he has looked dangerous, played all over the park, has assisted most of their goals but doesn't seem to have reached his potential! More to come from him.

Top scorer: Ayush (1)

The teams which have qualified for the play-offs have really deserved their spots. The hardwork has paid off for them. It should be interesting to see if Ash-kickers can avenge their 3-0 loss to Dazzlers in the first game and if Messiahs can fight back against Diaons from the demoralizing 6-0 loss in their final league game. Good luck!

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