Saturday, 26 October 2013

The moment He finally retires.

It came as quite a surprise to me when he announced his retirement. Although it was imminent, I expected him to call it a day after playing his last game; just like he did for the ODIs.

That would have drawn a lot less media. Not a single day has passed by that not a single newspaper has not printed about Sachin's glorious career, his records, upcoming events in his name, tributes by celebs around the globe, the grand hoopla circling Wankhede and how his retirement is the only thing that matters in that Test series. 

What more came as a surprise was the fact that he mentioned about retiring after his 200th Test game. I've always known a Sachin who doesn't care about any milestones. Never did he mention about playing 500 ODIs or scoring 50 ODI Centuries or even 100 ODI half Centuries. The only milestone he chased was the World Cup.

He has invited a lot of unnecessary presssure onto himself. Pressure to perform, to please the crowd for one last time, give them moments they can't forget and above all the media pressure.

This retirement announcement seemed very un-Sachin-ish to me.

A young Sachin always excelled under pressure; in fact it got the better of him. But with age, he hasn't coped too well under pressure. Take for examples, his nervous 90s streak jinx, low scoring in Grand finales; be it the World Cups (2003 World Cup still upsets me), IPL or any other. Can't seem to forget the monkey he finally got off of his back after his 100 International tons either!
Unlike the above, this time he has only this one chance, in fact two innings so two chances, to set his farewell right.

This is just my take on some possibilities that could happen in that in His last appearance in the field: 

Starting with a negative one (and a dim scenario too). How frustrating is that gonna be? If the match is abandoned. Bad weather. November rains. Let's not be so sure that it won't happen. Mumbai's weather off late hasn't been the most predictable one. And what's more unfortunate than the rain Gods interrupting our cricketing God? Sachin doesn't play. Whatsoever be the reason, he might not get injured- how about a little stomach upset? That would just be pitiful. This is like the worst case scenario and I hope it doesn't happen!

If He doesn't get his 200th cap, it should be upsetting and both interesting to see if he extends his last game to another series.

On the positive side, let's first say he scores just decently and stays on the pitch for a fair amount of time. That should be good. We fans will be happy to see him bat. The media will probably ignore his mediocre score. A fair goodbye.

How about an hundred? That should be a heavenly feeling for him and the best possible moment for the billions that will be watching him on the entire planet.

He scores a duck and wait, it seems very sad at first but its not that bad. His comparisons with Don Bradman will resurface! Sure the West Indian who does this crime is gonna be the butt of all jokes, just like Ishant Sharma is right now. He will probably feel guilty too!I just hope He doesn't crumble under all the expectations from us, his family, his team members and the media.

Let's give him a break. Let him breathe. Let him enjoy his last game. Let him play in his typical fashion. I am sure he will bowl too! With an era coming to an end I'm gonna be one of those who won't be following cricket as much as I did. 


  1. Truely a legend...
    Seems like it's not retirement of the legend
    It's retirement of the sport cricket...

  2. I agree. The retirement appears somewhat selfish which is not very Sachin-isque. Retiring just before an important overseas series is certainly not in the best interest of the team.