Wednesday, 30 October 2013

5 Most clever moments in Football

We come across dozens of impossible passes and trickery but some of this is just rare!

  • Some brains with the gloves!


Starting off with something very simple yet clever. Not the most uncommon.

Someone who has made Pirlo's panenka look silly; an always animated Barca Keeper Pinto playing mind games with the penalty taker here. Does he win it?

  •   North pole-South pole!

When this kind of a trick works out, doesn't it look really good? The look on Ibra's face - priceless. 

Not one but most of the Inter players trapped offside here by Sienna.

  •  Life is unfair.

Chelsea vs Man United with C.Ronaldo.

A really clever move by Rooney, well supported by Giggs and an impeccable finish by Ronaldo. But did the referee appreciate the cleverness here?

  •  I'm gonna take that!


Couldn't trace the German teams involved in this video. Nevertheless, looks like a messed up freekick at first. Then the very next second the entire act comes together. They ought to have practiced that!

  •  Whoa, what was that?


Theyab Awana, playing for UAE in a friendly-match against Lebanon scored this penalty. Although, it was more cheeky than clever since there was no risk involved considering their team's position. However, their coach did not appreciate it and Theyab was subbed a few minutes later for this move! 

Unfortunately, he died in a car accident in 2011 at the age of 21. 

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