Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. Is that so?


He was just a kid. Born in a poor family, all he heard time after time as he grew up was that he was born in the wrong race. Nobody could blame him; and they couldn't let him live freely either. His family was insecure and scared. War between the superior and inferior race. They took away his everything; his parents, siblings. He had no one. He became helpless. He was lost, but he had nowhere to go. If only he had a different skin.. things would've swung his way.. 

Why do we love our motherland indeed? Is it because of how wonderful our culture is? Our history has been revolutionary? What about the likes of those who were and are ill treated by the very place they were born in? Aren't they supposed to love their motherland? Don't they deserve a place they can safely call "home"?

African civil war ridden countries.. Libya.. Racism between the whites and the colored.. Congo.. Lebanon.. it goes on and on.. 

Do they love their country? - For her rich and varied heritage?

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