Friday, 21 February 2014

And the curtains finally close down

Being a part of an institute for a decade, wearing the same patterned clothes every single day; It is indeed a very emotional moment when school ends- although I really don't know why, it wasn't for me. I miss school but I was pretty much content to know I was entering college; far from the boundaries of discipline, birthday clothes everyday, no more remarks or calls for my parents to attend my complaints at school!


Attendance sheet!

First glance at MLDC back in 2009


Before even taking admission there, just to know where I was stepping my in to- I decided to go down and take a look. I took a rick from the station, got down in front of the gate and I simply couldn't figure out if I was standing at the right infrastructure. I could see the gate of Sathaye and indeed it looked like a college- with a campus too! Dahanukar, on the other hand, looked like a 60 year old society undergoing redevelopment. 

Junior College


Somehow after getting into college, it was not just about getting through with HSC but utilizing the two years to decide my future, take part in college fests, participation in college activities, good attendance, scoring well etc. Now that was the plan, what I ended up doing was regular attendance at Naturals, C.S at Gameaholics, flunking once in FYJC and hanging out with friends wherever that was feasible. Learning German was one of the highlights; especially the treks that tagged along! Who can forget the constantly nagging Amma?



I've spent more time at the library than any other facility at the college. What's intriguing about group studying is the how you can help each other while studying, sort out each other's queries and succeed in exams. Just kidding! It was hugely about group breaks which usually were prolonged leg pulling sessions, Gaabheri misal, CCD (You know which one I'm talking about), coffee, football, cricket at the katta etcetera



Vella people at the katta!

I really don't like the open canteen. It's a shabby hangout spot. Not until a couple of years ago that the katta came into existence. And ever since then it's been mistaken for attendance criteria by most of us. Be it waiting for the exam, studying because the library is full, dressing up for some day or fancy dress or for no reason at all- all photo sessions are duly held at the katta. 



Someday again!

The Industrial visits


All I can recall about degree college is my articleship and the two industrial visits. The first one at Chandigarh-Shimla, although hectic was unforgettable for the singing competition in the mangalam express on the return journey. The latest IV at Agra-Jaipur superseding the earlier one in terms of better management by the college, enjoyment and that "last year of college wala" feeling- had it's own moments! Industrial Visit was really just a jargon for short bonding vacations!



The snow was worth it eh?
I wasn't gonna miss out on writing something about the most bearing compatriots of my college time. I've had just the unique friends. It's them who have made college life what it is. It's them that I'll miss. It's them that I hope I cross paths with. Though it's only some of them I know I'll be in touch with.

If I visit our usual hangout spots again, no matter how crowded, they will always look deserted to me. Hereon, we won't get the chance to see all the familiar faces together at the same time and the same place. Of course there are reunions; where one fourth are unable to make it, another one fourth don't want to make it, another make it but don't matter to you and it just won't feel like what you've been missing. 

Life after college


The last trek!
Unlike post school, where it was just the decision of which stream and then which college, now the questions will be much more and answers even m
ore decisive. Some might go distant places in order to post graduate or jobs. These five years- nothing casual like this time is coming back again. Life will take a mature turn after graduation. Be it B.Com or the other expensive forms of it, graduation is a formality and a necessity now.

Soon enough, we will be thrown out of our comfort zones, finding ourselves sitting in a room full of people with ironed faces, earning enough but spending it with whom? 

Some write ups are from the teeth out, this one's from the heart out. Soon enough the day will come when I can wear the black robe thing and throw that hat up in the air! Just like the movies ehh. 

Quick Poll: How about just enrolling for M.COM to enjoy two more IVs and railway concession for the same period? What do you think? :-D


  1. w├Ânderfully brilliant and heart touching :)

  2. Bcom and it's other expensive forms ehh!
    Well written ,but I am not liking my sudden moist eyes :/

  3. Thanks Gargi!
    Monica, I expected a comment from you on that :D Your borivali mate shares your moist eyes! ;)