Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Juan Mata saga.

It's been inked again and again how Mata being the Blues' Player of the Year for two years running fell out of favor for the Special One and Mata has now become the Desperate One to find playing time ahead of the coming World Cup Finals at the Samba land. 

His move to United only has ups for himself, United, United fans, Chelsea and certainly not for Chelsea fans who have to see their favorite wear the Devil red jersey. That must hurt. 

In a brief note, the move is;

  • Big Money for Chelsea
Well, for a change, the spenders will be earning. This is the highest they have earned on a player, surpassing 25 Million move of Arjen Robben to Real Madrid in 07-08 season followed by the recent move of Kevin De Bruyne to Wolfburg for 17 Million.

  • A chance to break into the World Cup squad
Mata has never really been amongst the favored ones in the Playing XI of Del Bosque's Spain ahead of the likes of Barca trio; Iniesta, Fabregas and Xavi. The move to United only gives him a chance to be chosen ahead of David Silva. 

  • Hopes of season revival
The transfer takes place on the back of losing the Capital One cup's final spot to Sunderland; how much more can Moyes take? Mata's play can turn the tables for United like Ozil did for Arsenal. He can deliver what is asked of him; create chances and score an odd goal every now and then. None of their midfield is clicking and Mata just might make the much needed difference!

  • Not the player that Chelsea fans would want to cash in on
Just a few reactions from Chelsea fans on Twitter.

@chelsearumours : I want Bakkali, Draxler and Messi as replacements for #Mata. No, not one, all three.

@a_norin9 : I can only thank you for the memories but I will never think of you the same

@VrunTIPS : I've just read that #Mata to #MUFC article from the Telegraph. Do you know what I think about it

@DeeSansXO : Please dont leave us ... we need you, we love you ... You are a blue and blues never give up

All in all, it's good move for all the parties involved. I'll be happy to see the little Spaniard in action again.

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